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Best Ways to Remove Broken Key from Lock in an Emergency

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You are running late for the office while trying to organize everything. With your hands full, you lock the door, and suddenly, half of the key is in your hands, and the other half is stuck inside. Keys often break due to wear and tear, metal fatigue, or applying too much force. When a key breaks inside a lock, the broken piece can be lodged in multiple ways.

Let’s read this blog to discover how to effectively get a broken key out of a lock in an emergency. 

DIY Methods for Key Extraction 

Tweezers or Pliers 

If a part of the key protrudes from the lock, you can easily remove it using a tweezer or pliers. This method is effective only if the part of the key is exposed outside the lock and the key is not too deep inside the lock. 

  • How to do it: Grasp the protruding part of the key using a tweezer. Slowly pull the key out. Do not twist or turn the key, as it can make it even more difficult to remove it. 

Super Glue Method 

This method is a bit risky, but it may work. If you don’t have a tweezer, try the super glue method.  

  • How to do it: Use a thin wire and apply a small amount of super glue to its end. Now insert the glued part inside the lock and press it on the broken key for a few minutes until the glue sets. Now, gently remove the key by pulling the thin wire. 

Use a Paperclip 

A bent paperclip can be used as a makeshift tool to extract a broken key. This method is useful if the key is stuck deep inside the lock. 

  • How to do it: Unfold the paper clips and create a small hook at one end. Insert the hook inside the lock and grab the key end with the hook. If you successfully do this, slowly pull the key piece out. 

Use a Small Hacksaw Blade 

Due to its thinness and serrated edges, a small hacksaw blade can remove a broken key from the lock. Let’s see how. 

  • How to Do It: Insert the small hacksaw blade into the lock with the serrated edge facing up. Grip the key with the serrated edge and slowly pull it out. If you can take even a little key out, use a tweezer to remove the broken piece from the lock. 

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Preventive Measures for Avoiding Keys Getting Stuck in Locks

Here are a few tips to avoid the inconvenience of a key stuck in the lock. 

  • Regular Maintenance: Monitor locks’ maintenance and ensure they function smoothly. Lubricate the lock regularly to prevent jamming. 
  • Avoid Excessive Force: Do not apply excessive force when turning a key. If the key does not turn easily, there might be an issue with the key or lock. Call a professional locksmith and get it fixed to avoid future problems. 
  • Duplicate Keys: Keep duplicate keep duplicate with you for emergencies. If one key is wearing out, stop using it and switch to the duplicate one. 
  • Replace Worn Keys: If your key is damaged or fragile, replace it before it breaks. Key duplication is inexpensive compared to the cost of emergency locksmith services you get to remove the broken key from the lock.  
  • Upgrade Locks: Upgrade your locks with newer models or keyless ones to avoid key breakage and increase security. 

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