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Can a Locksmith Make a Key Without The Original

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Locksmiths are our saviours when any lock rekeying and key problem arises. Whether you are locked out, lost a key, or the lock is malfunctioning, they come and rescue you. Any type of lock rekeying and key-related problem can occur at any time. Sometimes, people lose their keys and ask the locksmith to make a new key without the original. This is tricky, but an expert locksmith can make a new key without the original key. Let’s discuss how they do this.

How Does a Locksmith Make Keys Without the Original?

There are two approaches to making a key without an original:

  • Key Cutting by Code
  • Key Impressioning

Key Cutting By Code

In this method, a locksmith enters your lock code into the computer and creates an exact copy using specialized software. This technique requires basic information, including the manufacturer and model number. If you have this necessary information, you will get a new key.

Key Impressioning

This is another approach to making a key without the original. In this method, a locksmith takes an impression of your lock and cuts a new key using that impression. This technique does not involve any model number or software. Key impressions work on almost every type of lock that operates with a traditional key. If you do not have the codes, a locksmith will go with the key impression technique.

Don’t Have a Key Code? A Locksmith Will Crack It

If you do not have a key code or the required details of a lock; no need to worry because a locksmith will crack the code to create a new key. To carry out the process, they understand the pins first, which make up the lock code. There are pins in a lock with different lengths, which makes a unique lock code different from others. For this, he pulls the lock apart and deciphers the type of pins and their unique order.

For this, you can trust Lockwiz Locksmith. Our expert locksmiths can crack any lock code and create a new key without any hassle.

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How a Locksmith Takes Lock Impressions?

A professional locksmith can easily take a lock impression to cut a new key. This technique does not require the dismantling of the lock. It allows a locksmith to make an exact match without decoding the lock. In this process, he will enter a blank key in the lock and rotate it to take pins impression. The pins will press against the key and create marks. Following the marks, a locksmith will cut a key. It needs multiple attempts to ensure all the key cuts are on a blank key. This can be carried out only by a skilled and professional locksmith. They have the right tools to complete the whole process efficiently.

Contact Lockwiz Locksmith To Make a New Key Without The Original.

At Lockwiz Locksmith, our well-trained and skilled locksmiths can easily make a new key without an original one. They have all the required tools and equipment for lock rekeying. Whether it requires decoding a lock or taking a key impression to carry out the process, they can do it.

We understand emergencies come unannounced. Therefore, our mobile locksmith will reach you as soon as possible to get you out of this difficult situation. They will come well-equipped at your place and solve your problem in no time. When it comes to rates, we offer market-competitive prices without any hidden charges. We believe in transparency.

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