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When Should You Consider Lock Rekeying over Lock Replacement?

lock rekeying

Locks at your home have become old and worn out. 

Some aren’t even in working condition. 

While lock replacement appears costly, what if there’s a better alternative? 

Do you know how to make your old locks work again without worrying about the costs? 

Are you overwhelmed with emptying the banks to replace the locks for your cherished home? Fear not, for there is a solution that will ease your burden and provide you with peace of mind. 

What is Lock Rekeying? 

Lock rekeying is changing the configuration of a lock cylinder so it can be operated using a different set of keys. It’s usually a cheaper alternative to lock replacement. 

During the lock rekeying, the pins and springs inside the lock cylinder are rearranged to match the new key. As a result, the old key becomes ineffective, and those who have it cannot unlock it. 

So just in case, if you’re on a budget and still want the old door locks to work perfectly, you will be surprised to learn that lock rekeying is very affordable. 

When Should You Consider Lock Rekeying over Lock Replacement? 

Here are some scenarios when rekeying a lock is a better alternative to lock replacement. 

  • Whenever a key is lost
  • Whenever a key is stolen 
  • Whenever you have moved to a new office or home 
  • Whenever you remove old staffing from your organization 
  • Whenever a house member or roommate moves out

At Lockwiz Locksmith, we are a licensed locksmith providing complete lock rekeying services. Despite our busy schedule, we are committed to providing you a quick response and quality service. 

Dial (617) 676-0066 to get lock rekeying service today! 

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