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What Are the Common Problems with Door Locks?

Common Door Lock Problems

Is your door lock not working properly? Is it jammed or stuck, and you’re unable to open it? A stuck door lock can be a real nuisance. 

Door locks are a part of every household & workplace. You can find locks on the interior doors as well as the exterior doors of your home. 

If left unattended, it can lead to security risks. 

Now you don’t want to leave your home that way for long, do you? 

In this article, we will learn about common door lock problems and the best way to resolve them. 

So without further ado, let’s read. 

What Are the Common Reasons Why Door Locks Stop Working? 


1. The Lock Becomes Dirty

Over time, dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate within the intricate components of a door lock. As a result, it creates a blockage in the lock’s working mechanism, ultimately making the keyhole stiff and non-operable. One may easily find it difficult to insert keys to unlock & turn the door knob. 

How to Fix: 

Regular cleaning of the lock can prevent such issues from taking place. When the locking mechanism is free from dirt & grime, it will require less maintenance to be fully functional. However, if the lock’s internal mechanism has become too dirty and you can’t unlock it all on your own, it’s best to call in a locksmith. 

2. The Latch & Strike Plate Don’t Align

When a door is closed, the latch on the door’s edge should seamlessly align with the strike plate. Door misalignment is prevalent when the door lock doesn’t work up to expectation. A misalignment can prevent the door from latching or closing, compromising both security & privacy. 

How to Fix:

A professional locksmith can take care of the door’s misalignment. They have the tools & the required expertise to align the door by adjusting the strike plate & latch. It restores its functionality. 

3. The Door Knob Gets Loose

Frequent use of a doorknob can gradually cause it to become loose, leading to wobbling or even detachment. A door knob which is loose can easily be broken by a burglar.

How to Fix:

A locksmith can eventually tighten up the screws and ensure the door knob remains fixed sturdily within the door.

4. The Lock Mechanism Becomes Frozen

In colder climates, moisture can settle within the lock mechanism and freeze up the internal components. A frozen lock component makes it difficult for homeowners to insert the key & turn the knob alike. 

How to Fix:

A professional locksmith can thaw the snow from the lock’s mechanism and loosen it. To keep it operable, they may also apply lubricants such as WD-40 to prevent future freeze-ups from happening. 

5. The Key Gets Broken

A broken key can bring your daily routine to a halt, leaving you locked out with no keys whatsoever. Keys can become old, brittle, and may easily crumble. Sometimes, they snap when a user applies excessive force to insert it within a particular keyhole. 

How to Fix:

For a locksmith, removing a broken key bit from a keyhole is like the back of their hand. It may appear as a delicate process, but a skilled locksmith carries the tools & the expertise to extract broken keys. 

They may also provide you with a replacement key based on your situation. 

Who to Call When You Experience a Door Lock Problem? 

When you address a door lock problem in a timely manner, you can contribute to the overall security of your property. A door lock improvement will make your property safe & keep you in peace. 

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